• Ongrofol® Converted

    Ongrofol® Converted type stretch films are suitable for household manual wrapping of various cheese types, meat, fruits and bakery products.

    More specification

    ONGROFOL® CONVERTED stretch films manufactured by Ongropack Ltd are fully in compliance with the relevant European directives. At determining the product composition, EC regulation No. 10/2011 on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food was taken into consideration. Accordingly, our product is suitable for packaging of alimentary products in X2 and X3 food categories.

    Besides of the traditional natural. CONVERTED type films are also available in champagne, lilac and salmon colours. Packaging can be solved in refill boxes, cutterboxes and also in bulk pallet boxes.

    The film is available in a wide range of sizes with different parameters of thickness, width and length.

    Delivery program

    Width: 285-600 mm
    Thickness: 8-12 μm
    Length: 200-500 m
    Core size (internal diameter):38 mm

    • household use
    • manual packaging
    • wide range of size
    • high transparency
    • variety of colors
    • perfect adhesion and elongation properties
    • high mechanical strength
    • wide range of applicability
    • easy to handle
    • excellent fit to the packaged products
    • standard and customer specific packing