• Ongrodur-BD

    ONGRODUR-BD as the base sheet of door panels.

    More specification
    Its fine surface and high impact property ensure good formability and excellent quality demanded by our customers. The sheets are available in white colour. ONGRODUR - BD type is self-extinguishing and complies with the most demanding national fire resistance standards defined in the field of plastics. In order to protect the surface of the sheets, they are delivered with protective film layer bonded on one side.
    Delivery program
    Width: 1-1,5 mm
    Thickness: 855*2010 mm
    975*2175 mm
    Colour: Different tones of white.
    • door panel production
    • economical
    • excellent vacuum formability
    • different tones of white
    • impact resistance
    • chemical resistance
    • weather resistant
    • easy to use
    • self-extinguishing