• Ongrodur – C

    ONGRODUR-C innovative claddig sheets for healthcare, education, leisure, agriculture etc...

    More specification
    We offer ONGRODUR-C sheets for production of wall cladding for indoor use and decoration panel. The sheets are available in white colour and many shades of the rainbow with bright and silky matt surface. It might be use for modern architectural solutions, making advertising decoration, printing and unique wall cladding.
    Delivery program
    Thickness: 1,5-3 mm
    Size: 1220*2440/3050 mm
    Colour: White and various shades of pastel
    Bright vibrant colours
    • pharmaceutical areas
    • hospitals, clinics
    • clean rooms
    • laboratories
    Public areas
    • shower, toilet, changing rooms
    • school, nurseries
    • airports
    • public transportation facilities
    • industrial kitchens
    • food manufacturing areas
    • sorting halls
    • storage rooms
    • refrigerator rooms
    • stock-yards
    • dairies
    • egg sorting halls
    • storage rooms
    • refrigerator facilities
    • laundries
    • mortuaries
    • antibacterial
    • non-toxic
    • high gloss and matt finish
    • wide range of colour
    • easy to clean
    • easily fabricated
    • easy bonding and welding
    • chemical resistant
    • self-extinguishing
    • good printability
    • low maintenance costs
    • weather resistancy
    • indoor and outdoor usage