• Ongrofol® Recycled

    Ongropack Ltd. considers the protection of environment important, and accordingly we are committed to recycle as much processing waste as possible by the way of film production.

    More specification

    Accordingly, we developed our ONGROFOL® RECYCLED product which is a thermoformable technical film containing a large part of recycled material.

    This film is developed for non-food industrial application products, at the same time due to its high-recycled content, it can be used very economically for any vacuum or thermoforming purposes.

    Delivery program

    Width: 54-1550 mm
    Thickness: 150-700 μm
    Maximum roll diameter: 54-150 mm Max. 400 mm
    151-300 mm Max. 600 mm
    301-1550 mm Max. 800 mm
    Core size (internal diameter): 76, 152 mm

    • non-food packaging
    • technical purposes
    • good thermoformability
    • economical solutions
    • resistency against some chemical materials