• Ongrofol® Metallized

    From the point of view of product marketing, esthetic appearance is very important, therefore we offer our ONGROFOL® METALLIZED product for those special applications, where the appearance and nice packaging of the product is important.

    More specification
    Metallized films manufactured by Ongropack Ltd. are in compliance with European directives and regulations related to packaging materials intended to come into direct contact with food. The base film of ONGROFOL® METALLIZED film is a clear or amber colour PVC base film. A thin layer of aluminium or copper is applied to the surface giving the silver or gold or copper colour to the material. During the manufacturing, the metallization process is performed by vacuum (10 -4 mbar), therefore the metallic layer can hardly be removed from the surface of the film. Metallized films are used mainly in the manufacturing of chocolate and sweets, where it is used as forming inside the tray or box.
    Delivery program
    Width: 54-1550 mm
    Thickness: 150-500 μm
    Maximum roll diameter: 54-150 mm Max. 400 mm
    151-300 mm Max. 600 mm
    301-1550 mm Max. 800 mm
    Core size (internal diameter): 76, 152 mm
    • food or non-food packaging
    • tops
    • boxes
    • dividings
    • trays
    • chocolates
    • gold, silver and copper colors
    • wide range of sizes
    • resistency against some chemical materials
    • good thermoformability