• Ongrofol® Pharma

    Ongropack Ltd. is fully aware that the pharmaceutical industry demands safe, high quality packing materials, therefore we offer our ONGROFOL® PHARMA type film for the packaging of pharmaceutical products.

    More specification
    Pharmaceutical films manufactured by Ongropack Ltd. are in compliance with latest European Pharmacopeia directives and have FDA (Food and Drug Administration) registration. Pharma type films fully comply with EU regulations related to plastic materials and articles intended to come into direct contact with food and drug. These films have excellent gas-tight property. Therefore they can be used in wide range as both primary and secondary packaging material. We can offer a wide range of products in clear, translucent and opaque colours for high demanding pharmaceutical applications. Ongropack Ltd. considers the production, continuous development and sale of pharmaceutical films of strategic importance.
    Delivery program
    Thickness: 150-600 μm
    Width: 54-1550 mm
    Maximum roll diameter: 54-150 mm Max. 400 mm
    151-300 mm Max. 600 mm
    301-1550 mm Max. 800 mm
    Core size (internal diameter): 76, 152 mm
    • packaging of medical equipments
    • packaging of ampules or syringe,  injection fittings
    • blisters for pills, capsules
    • Clean Manufacturing System
    • high transparency
    • good thermoformability
    • chemical resistancy
    • wide range of colors and sizes