• Ongrofol® Graphic

    ONGROFOL® GRAPHIC film can be printed with all traditional printing technique, such as screen-printing, UV printing and digital printing.

    More specification
    The printing and graphics industry is a demanding market segment of rigid film applications. We realised that our customers needed a professional printable surface, therefore we developed our ONGROFOL® GRAPHIC products, which are available in both gloss or matt finish. Printing can be easily performed without preliminary surface treatment. The applied ink adheres well to the surface of the film.
    Delivery program
    Width: 54-1550 mm
    Thickness: 150-700 μm
    Maximum roll diameter: 54-150 mm Max. 400 mm
    151-300 mm Max. 600 mm
    301-1550 mm Max. 800 mm
    Sheet size: 700*1000 mm
    1000*1400 mm
    Other sizes upon request.
    Core size (internal diameter): 76, 152 mm
    Printing methods: UV printing, screen printing, digital printing (inkjet), flexo printing
    • banners
    • sheet size cut
    • gift boxes
    • displays
    • labels and tags
    • charts
    • calendars
    • greeting cards
    • posters
    • artistic prints
    • various decoration elements and promotional products
    • resistency against some chemical materials
    • wide range of sizes
    • excellent printability
    • super bright and matt surface structure
    • transparent and opaque colours
    • corona treatment to increase surface tension